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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


They announced class ranks today and there was a ceremony for the top 20 in the class. I was announced as valedictorian for my senior class. Things are looking up for me now, I was also voted "most likely to succeed" for the senior superlatives.

My mom is also going to allow me to take my EMT-Intermediate class in college in addition to my regular engineering classes at UVA. I can't wait, I'm really excited about the EMT-I class.

I went out with my friends today for lunch. Apparently another friend had said, "You three are going to lunch together today? Are you insane?! If that restaurant blows up there goes the [insert high school name here] Brain Trust!" Okay, well I found it funny.

My AP Biology class (all eight of us) took a practice AP Bio exam. I thought it was pretty easy but we shall see what the results are.

I shall post more later tonight, but for now I'm going to sleep.

Stay safe everyone,
Bravomedic out.


WoW! I aLsO am head of my peers, we are the best. Time to bathe in sun with my cat!


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