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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Plant Biology

Guess what I get to spend my Spring Break working on...That's right! An AP Biology packet! Sadly the packet is on plant structure and growth- easy stuff, but boring beyond all belief. I mean, memorizing the endodermis in a plant and its various functions is only but so much fun.

I hope everyone is having a good break (for those of you who are out now) and I hope that everyone has a happy Easter! I asked the Easter Bunny for medical supplies! I do hope I get them, the kit can always use more supplies. What I really need is an oxygen tank and regulator, but I don't think that is going to happen (I didn't even ask bother asking for one). I also asked for some classical music CDs.

Right now I'm practicing for world domination by playing the classic game, Colonization. One can never start too early these days. I have also signed up for my orientation day at UVA to meet with my advisor on course registration. I might take 18 credits for the semester in an attempt to get some of my medical school prerequisites out of the way.

I shall post more later tonight.

Valete omnes,


I, too have a fetish for medical supplies and classical music. Let's reproduce in a pod!

Forever yours,


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